Dear Friends,
I can’t wait to introduce you to my
mother, Jan Hunt!
Some of you already know her personally,
but many more may be familiar
with her through her artwork. She has
been an inspiration to me for so long,
it’s hard to find the words to describe
her generosity of spirit, her bright and creative mind, and her grace, even
at the age of ninety. I know we will inspire each other as we live our daily
lives in this lovely building, filled with history and sunlight. Her move up
from Chicago will be finished in the next few days, and we’ll finally both
be able to turn our thoughts toward creating new artwork. Life is truly a
creative work in progress...

We are pleased to welcome you into our lives, both newcomers and old
friends. We hope you will accept our invitation to join us for our first official
Open House.

P.S. I’m the proud grandmother of Haven’s son, Oliver Dennis McWilliams,
born on June 2nd

In honor of Jan Hunt’s arrival as a resident member of the Hunt-Wulkowicz Graphics
family, her smaller prints are featured in our brochure, along with Susan’s images. Though
the work is similar in style, both using the medium of hand colored prints, Susan has
leaned more toward extreme detail, such as the inclusion of tiny names and scriptures in
her imagery. Jan’s work is often freer in approach, because she is truly a painter at heart.
However, both artists like to blend and blur the edges between line, color and medium.

Recently, with the computer help of her son, Eric, Susan has been experimenting separately
with the medium of archival digital prints known as “giclées.” (Four images already
produced in prior years are shown on the website and are reproductions of a popular large
season series now mostly out-of-print) The new inks are now formulated to last over 100
years, and the papers for multiple centuries. She is intrigued by the creative possibilities
this technology offers, and we may have some of our first trials available to show at the
Open House. Come and let us know what you think...

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